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At Whaleycorn, we are all about interior furnishings of the highest quality with understated simplicity and charm. Comfort and function should, in our opinion, walk hand in hand with style. The latest trends shouldn’t come with a designer price tag either. We keep our prices as reasonable as possible, ensuring that the stylish home of your dreams isn’t out of your reach.

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The industrial look is coveted by many - and no wonder. A heady, uncomplex mix of natural materials, the perfection of metal meeting red brick, with wood added for a touch of warmth is unlike any other style. The industrial look has a pleasing utilitarian appeal to it and can work in a variety of settings. Our industrially styled items will work in any room in the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, to a beautiful industrial landscaped living room. Sleek with crisp lines and pleasing angles, take a closer look at our industrial style pieces and all that it could offer you.


Cool, sleek and forged metal has long been the material of choice for many designers. Producing a chic finish, the metal shelving in our range will bring depth, style and function to a room. Long-lasting, and versatile, when you invest in metal shelving, you are opting to bring a sense of the industrial style to your home, a trend that delivers simplicity and charm. Our industrial style metal shelving units are easily wall mounted, and while single piece is an amazing addition but why stop at one? Metal shelving is eminently suitable for use in any home in the house – why not try it in yours?


First mentioned in the poem of Theopompus of ancient Greece, the lantern is found in many finishes, from the decorative lanterns of North Africa to the simple, minimal finish of the enclosed storm glass of modern times. The lantern, whether for ambient lighting or remaining true to its humble origins as candle holder and carrier, is welcomed in both the home and the garden. Illuminate your style and add the romantic flickering flame to your living room or your garden with one of our lanterns. Our lantern collection has something for everyone – so why not take a look at what we have to offer.



Just got my order today, eactly as described, and love it! ty

Mrs Wells

Shelf looks amazing. good price as well

Danny Shine

Second item I have brought from here. Very pleased

Ms A. Alaine

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